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Girls Section

Head Coach: Rod Smith



Summer Training night: Tuesday nights from 18:15 to 19:15 - Midmill

Catering for all ages up to under 11's, the girls are split into three sections, u7's, u9's and u11's.


Presently the u11 play on a Sunday morning at Hazlehead pitches and play in a 7 a side format.


The u9's play every Sunday morning at Aberdeen Sports Village.


The u7's play every second Sunday at Aberdeen Sports Village.


Always on the look out for new players, we actively encourage any girl to come along and give it a try especially in the u7's age group.


We are always on the lookout for new coaches too so come along and bring your experience to the teams.


As we continue to grow, we will look to start up an u13 team but this is for the future and number dependent.


Please get in touch if you require any further information.

Update on girls under 13 section




I appreciate that the rumours/half messages from the girls have started regarding a new team/age group and may have led to confusion amongst the parents so let me try and quell some of these fears and put your minds at ease.


We were approached by Jo Murphy (co-ordinator for the North East Region Girls Football) to start up a new age group within the girls section as after the u11's we have nothing.


This sounds really easy to do but it isn't, and the following were just some of the coaches initial thoughts about it.  We will need more coaches, more training sessions, the times and days of games will change, the girls might not be interested, the parents might not be interested, there might not be enough room for us to do this, more equipment needed.


To get the ball rolling, I asked the girls if they wanted us to try and set this up, they all said yes so we moved on to the next step which was getting approval from the KUFC committee to do it.


The next step is to keep you all informed and to do this I have arranged a meeting with Jo Murphy at Kintore Primary at 1830 (after training) on Tuesday 15 November.  I would encourage you all to come and the girls are welcome too.


Below are some of the points that were included in the email so these might answer some of your questions but in reality Jo is the lady to ask.  She is super keen and thrilled with the progress we have made to date so lets try and keep this momentum and have this meeting well attended.  As you can see from below this is a big step up with matches being played all over the North East so will involve travelling.


I do not know anything more than what is below so please (without being rude) save your questions for the meeting as I really can't answer them and will only lead to me becoming even grumpier than I usually am.


The only snippet I do have is that the league would be starting in March 2017 so we really need to get our skates on with some extra training around rules etc.


I do promise though that all information will be communicated to you and I won't be using the girls as the vessels for doing this.  I am a dad of three so I fully appreciate how difficult it is to try and get youngsters to retain information let alone pass it on correctly.


As an aside, please look at the website page that has been set up, it is improving all the time and all information will be copied on to there too. Also there is a new "open" Kintore United Facebook page as well as the "closed" Kintore Untied Girls Section Facebook page.  The girls page requires approval to join which I do almost straight away if I recognise the name/picture.  The open one is available for anyone to view.


Many thanks




13s league

  •          Age eligibility for the 13s league in 2017 is for girls born in 2004 and 2005 girls. Girls born in 2006 and 2007 can also play, however we would leave it up to the club to identify if girls of this age are ready for the demands of the league.
  •          Games are played on a Saturday morning 10.30am kick off. 
  •          The format is 7v7 games.  Match duration is 2 x 30 minute halves.
  •          Teams are required to have their own home pitch, goals, nets and match balls. 
  •          Rolling substitutes are allowed.
  •          Ball size changes to a size 4 .
  •          Referees are also required for games and are allocated on a weekly basis – they are paid for by the home team and the fee is £22 per game (Match fee includes expenses for the first 20 mile round trip. Over and above is charged at 20p per mile).

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