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Child Protection and the SYFA Child protection in SYFA is not only protecting children from others who may seek to harm them through sport. A trusted coach or leader may be the person a child chooses to tell about something that is happening at home or out with sport, in either case the SYFA have a responsibility to act on all concerns.


Participation in sport is an important contribution to a child’s development to support them to be Active and Healthy (GIRFEC). A child’s natural sense of fun and spontaneity can blossom in a positive environment created by sports organisations. Sport provides an excellent opportunity for them to maintain good health, learn new skills, become more confident, build resilience, self-esteem and maximise their own unique potential. This is particularly important for children who are affected by adversity and who may be particularly vulnerable.


The SYFA is committed to addressing, planning and implementing the protection of children and young people. This will:


• ensure the governing body and member clubs fulfill legal and moral obligations for the care and protection of players;

• Send a positive message to both players and parents about the value you place on players and their participation in your sport;

• Send a positive message to staff and officials that you will support and guide them when they work with players and you will put safeguards in place to minimise risk to all;

• Set the standards and expectations for everyone working in the sport and provides a benchmark against which practice can be measured and challenged;

• Build a legacy for the future of the sport;

• Reduce the risk of legal action against the organisation by ensuring that all legal duties have been fulfilled and that all reasonable steps have been taken to safeguard and promote the health, welfare and development of players.

As our club expands it is our number one priority to safe guard and protect
the welfare of everyone involved in the club, especially the children.


All of our coaches, first aiders and committee members have or are in the process of
being vetted by the SYFA and Disclosure Scotland. This is paramount to
KUFC, especially following the recent news headlines, all our players, club
members and parents can feel reassured and safe!

If anyone has any concerns now or in the future you can contact me direct
at or anyone on the KUFC committee at


Roma McIntosh

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